Saturday, August 16, 2014

International Can It Forward Day

Wow, this day totally slipped my mind. I would have planned a full day of canning and an elaborate post had I remembered. Oh well, I had planned to "put up" some apple butter with the 3 lbs of gravenstein apples in the refrigerator. I'll get right on that once I finish this post.
Last summer, in my quest to eat healthier, I taught myself to can jams and jellies.  Now I am playing around with recipes for the freezer, such as pickles, applesauce, and strawberry jam. Right now I am obsessed with marmalade, as seen below.  Recipes will follow in later posts.

Celebrate International Can It Forward Day by checking out the links below and consider "putting up" a few jars of your favorite jam or jelly.

Food in Jars is a great place to start if you are new to canning.

Ball is a site I often go to for advice and to check out recipes.

Live Streaming to see demonstrations by professional chefs.

My Favorites I've Canned

To make my own labels I use the Avery label website.  
I print on card stock and use a 2" diameter punch to cut out.

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